Who, What and Why MCRF?

trail tourDriver, tour guide and Mahaska Community Recreation Foundation (MCRF) volunteer Charles Argo has given numerous tours of the Lacey Recreation Trail and says he enjoys the tour himself. Charles has given tours or has tours booked with several nursing homes in the community including Maple Ridge nursing home, Crystal Heights Care Center, Northern Mahaska Nursing and Rehab, Oskaloosa Care Center as well as Independent senior citizens tours. Charles says that many of the tourists are those community citizens who are unable to get around on the trail themselves and some have never been able to see the trail.

"This can get them to share in the sunshine and they love it. Some haven't even been out in years," added Charles about the senior citizens he has taken on the tour.

The electric trail bus, provided to MCRF in 2009 through a donation by Carl Drost, provides those citizens with the opportunity to see all of the trail. Trail tourists especially love the changing colors of fall and the rejuvenation of spring. The trail bus can holds up to seven people plus the driver and is a completely free services thanks to the volunteer efforts of the driver and generous donation of the trail bus.

To schedule a tour or for more information contact MCRF 641.672.2499.