Volunteer Opportunities

Leadership at the Lacey Recreation Complex, a large component of MCRF, include 5 volunteer committees which were established to organize and more successfully govern the Lacey Recreation Complex. Those volunteer committees include the Lacey Advisory Board, who oversees the four other committee and makes final recommendations to the MCRF Executive Board. The finance and Operations committee oversees operations and operational expenditures of the Lacey Recreation Complex, including making policy and fee  recommendations. The Facility and Development committee continually advances the vision of the Lacey Recreation Complex by continually viewing the planning and development of the complex and are directly involved in recreational projects. The Promotion and Fund-raising Committee strives to gain financial support through events, and seeking donations and  community support. This committee also promotes the complex at every opportunity. And the youth fulfillment committee strives to insure an equal opportunity for recreational participation for ALL youth by continually indentifying and breaking barriers to youth participation.

Volunteer opportunties through MCRF also exist along the Mahaska Community Recreation Trail, the Oskaloosa Urban Park and other events and projects. MCRF is very dependant upon volunteers receiving over 3,000 hours per year. 

If interested in volunteering please click here to download a volunteer form.